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If you want to explore the world of stock markets, the workings of Elliott Waves and their use; this affordable collection of Experts, Indicators, Systems, Templates and Explorations will take you there. The Experts will outline waves of different magnitude (size) while the indicators will help you evaluate the various scenarios and the likely projections (Fibonacci or Gann) derived from each one. The Explorations will warn you about the securities entering typical wave patterns, the possible length the pattern detected and the price differential since the start. You will also monitor progress over selected time periods for those securities.


In addition to having auto Trend line features, there is an indicator that probes the previous patterns to test the strength of the wave. The set includes all the Fibonacci tools as well as indicators developed by the author and adapted to Elliott Wave’s application. These systems demonstrate the power and the flexibility of Elliott Waves based systems within MetaStock®.

Why should you use the Elliott Waves concept for investment analysis? The concept describes logically the way price moves within a large market and how to identify repeating patterns. Once these patterns are recognized, they point to the probable outcome in terms of price and time.

AlphOmega Elliott Waves offers a free demo so you can see for yourself what can be done. The demo does not have a commentary and uses the closing price to measure peaks or troughs of waves. There is no indicator, template, exploration or system with this demo. The demo runs only with MetaStock® 7.2 and up!



What is an Elliott wave?

How does it work? Check our performance page to see the ranking among other MetaStock® systems

If you are using MetaStock® 7.0 or higher, this is a set of Experts, Indicators, System and Explorations you cannot do without! Please note that MetaStock® 9.0, 8.0, 7.2 or 7.0 are not part of the proposed package but are available at Equis International. Be aware that the set for 7.0 is no longer updated and although most of the features are available, the latest are missing so you should verify with list on the Product page.

Any updates for MetaStock® 8.0 and 9.0 during the year following your purchase, will be E-Mailed to you automatically at no cost. The set is not intended as a black box system; although the formulas are password protected for system integrity, you receive with the payment confirmation the unlocking string and 12 months of free upgrade.

MetaStock® is a registered trademark. The ExplorerTM and The Expert AdvisorTM are trademarks of Equis International.

This product is available in three versions, for 7.2, 8.0 and 9.0, only through this store on Internet! Support for the product is available in English or French, check the Contact Us tab.

Now for users of MetaStock® 7.2, 8.0 or 9.0, a demo version of the Expert AdvisorTM using the closing price can be downloaded for free. No time constraint only reduced features!